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Code of Conduct  
Code of Conduct
  • Kindly go through the School Diary thoroughly and observe the school disciplinary rules and the code of conduct expected from the parents and students.

  • No lunch box will be accepted during the school hours. Parents are requested to give healthy food to their children and avoid junk food.

  • Please ensure that your ward does not miss the class for simple reasons. As per the CBSE norms, 75% attendance is compulsory.

  • Any change in your address or mobile number, is to be informed in the school office and the same should be entered in the student's diary.

  • Attend each and every P.T.M. along with your ward to help them to cultivate moral and spiritual values through open dialogue between the teachers and the parents on days allotted for P.T.M. Attendance will be marked on P.T.M. day and it will be counted as a working day.

  • Students are not allowed to bring electronic goods, mobile phones, sharp materials, costly and fancy ornaments etc. in the school.

  • Children, who are sick, should not be sent to the school to attend the classes or to take tests as it would amount to unnecessary strain on them and would adversely affect their health and studies.

  • Remedial classes have been arranged by the school management for the students who are weak in studies. Kindly make use of them. Private tuitions are to be discouraged as much as possible

  • As per the school discipline, a ward below 18 years of age is forbidden to drive to the school. Hence parents are requested not to allow their ward to drive any vehicle without license and other necessary documents.

  • Students are not allowed to go out or to be taken from the school, during the school hours, except in unforeseen circumstances.

  • Parents are expected to be in modest dress, when they come to the school for any reason.


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